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Table of Contents

Job Name

Project Officer

Brief Description

A project officers main role of duty is to monitor the progress on a project. It can cover many areas such as traffic, water, sports, engineering, landscape architecture, administration and sales and computing and information services. A Project Officers job is to evaluate the issues relating to the field in which you are involved, communicate with your employer and other staff, and use your experience to deal with the project at hand, whether it may be a traffic, water or architectural project. Being such a wide range of project categories available, a project manager needs to have a broad knowledge of local issues and solutions. Project officer jobs can be in either private or public sectors in organizations. Most importantly a successful applicant will have to prepare training materials for clients and be adept at record keeping.

CIT Solutions - Canberra Times Job Classified pg E27. August 18th 2007. 




Duties & Responsibilities of this Role

  • Project management of specific projects as directed.
  • Establishing and fostering communication channels with internal stakeholders. (Dunne, 2007, p. D17)
  • Management of change relating to the delivery of project outcomes.
  • Assisting in the development and use of the ACU project management methodology. (, 7 August 2007)
  • Monitoring and coordination of project resources. (Dunne, 2007, p. D17)
  • IT project governance and process responsibilities.
  • Administration of Project Management system / application.
  • Project tracking.
  • Development and maintenance of templates / documentation standards.
  • Maintenance of projects in Project Managers absence 
  • Manage several funding schemes, including pre-and-post award processes
  • Develop and implement process and program initiatives
  • Research and prepare reports ans submissions relating to calls for research
  • Provide advice advice, information from internal and external clients, service providers and stakeholders

(Ballarat Traffic and Transport Project Officer) The role will play a key part in the development of traffic engineering related strategies, which complement and accord with the community's long term strategic direction as outlined in Council's Plan and Blueprint Ballarat.


Job Requirements

  • Particular preference will be given to applicants who possess strong communication and liason skills, Basic computer skills are also an requirement.
  • Previous experience in similar roles involving Business Continuity Management projects (, 7 August 2007).
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and ability to liaise with groups and organisations. (Dunne, 2007, p.E17),  (Mitchell, 2007, p. 25)
  • Strong analytical ability.
  • Excellent MS Office and administration skills.
  • Experience in policy development. (Mitchell, 2007, p. 25)
  • Ability to meet strict deadlines. (Dunne, 2007, p.E17), (Mitchell, 2007, p. 25)
  • Knowledge / understanding of formal project management methodologies.
  • Ideally exposure to Prince2.
  • Able to contribute to strategic thinking
  • Shows personnal drive and integrity
  • Communicates with influence
  • Applies and builds appropriate knowledge skills and experience
  • Ability to work unsupervised and be proactive.
  • Experience with Microsoft Visio and Project Server 
  • Relevant tertiary qualifications in landscape architecture, building or equivalent and have demonstrated practical experience in landscape design and construction of public open spaces.
  • You will have demonstrated experience in contract administration and project management, preparing consultant briefs and grant applications.



how it compares to other industry related standards click on link

how it compares to other average weekly earning in Australia, click on link 




Job Listings


Differences Observed

Project Manager - Alcohol and Other Drug (PM-AOD) for the Civil Aviation Authority (, 02 August 2007)

The most noticeable difference between this and the above position is the level of leadership and management skills required by this position. This position demands a greater level of experience and skills where the above position appears to be more suited to someone not long out of their tertiary studies as this position makes no mention of tertiary qualifications. The position title alone suggests that this position is suited for a more experienced applicant. (, 02 August 2007)

The main differences between the position within the Department of Education, Science and Training is that it could be suited to either an experienced more senior applicants as well as a more junior applicant. This is due to the fact the position can be accommodated to suit the experience that the applicant brings to the position. Being able to accommodate the position to the applicant is different from most jobs that are advertised as both private and public organisation's tend to have a need for specific experience to fill a requirement within the organisation.


  • The two job listings analysed below are Senior Project Officer by The Pharmacy Guild of Australian National Secretariat and Project Officer by The Australian Government Attorney Generals Department from the job listings above.

Senior Project Officer

Salary: $62,000 - $70,080

Duties: Oversee a number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Programs aimed at improving the quality use of medicines in Aboriginal communities. Including payment schemes for the delivery of support services to Aboriginal Medical Services.

Job Requirements:

- Well Developed interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to liaise with people, groups and organisations. Experience in policy development. Project management experience, and the ability to meet strict deadlines. The ability to work effectively as a team.

Project Officer

Salary: $48,207 - $52,342 per annum

Duties: Liaison with other portfolio agencies as well as other external organizations; prepare and/or coordinate office registers and records; research information and update reference material; prepare routine correspondence and briefing material and contribute to planning and managing meetings.

Both Project officer job listings require an applicant with higher communication levels, with the ability to understand and work with individuals, groups and organisations within their department and in the wider community. Although the Senior Project Officer duties taking more of a Project Manager role, having coordination and oversight duties, preparing new policies to improve results from projects they are working on. Whereas the Project Officer duties include more informative roles, including research, referencing and briefing. The salary differences between Senior Project Officers and Project Officers is approx. $13,500 at the lower end of the salary bracket and approx. $17,500 at the higher end of the bracket.


From the job listings above the two jobs which are analysed in comparison to each other below are the "Department of Education, Science and Training Project Officer / Senior Project Officer" and the "Project Officer, Australian Government, National Health and Medical Research Council".
Both jobs are fairly similar as they are both working for the Australian Government in the public sector. One is for the department of National Health and Medical Research and the other in the Department of Science and Training. They are both full time and ongoing employment. Both job listings job requirements are pretty much the same with the duties which need to be fulfilled such as managing and meeting deadlines, high oral and written communication skills, implementing process and consult with various stakeholders.

The only main differences in duties is in the Department of Education, Science and Training job requires IT applications and using work and/or excel which the National Health and Medical Research Council job duties does not require. The salaries do vary also as the National Health and Medical Research Council job is from $59,912 - $67,590 per annum and the Department of Education, Science and Training job is from $52,989 - $65,519 per annum. The reason for the differences in salaries is because the National Health and Medical Research Council job is an APS 6 (Australian Public Service level 6) and the Department of Education, Science and Training job can be an APS level 5 or 6 depending on the knowledge, skills and experience of the person hence the $6,923 difference in salary.  The National Health and Medical Research Council job is also plus superannuation on top of the salary package and the Department of Education, Science and Training job has no mention of this in its salary package

Other References Used

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