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Job Name

IT Development Manager

Brief description

What is the IT development manager's role? An IT Development Manager is "responsible for managing the development and maintenance of information technology within an organisation" (Australian JobSearch, 2007). A development manager usually works in a team and is responsible for the operations and achievements of their team.
As described by Bogue 2007, a development manager's role extends from team member to team leader where the managers responsibility is to ensure that the goals set down top executives relative to an Information technology boundary, are achieved in the most cost efficient and effective manner.

While reading this job description keep in mind the following definitions;
Information Technology: The production storage and communication of information using computers and microelectronics
Development: The process of growing/a fact or event that changes a situation
Manager: A person who manages an organization or business
Collins Australian Pocket Dictionary 1991

Put these three ingredients together, shake, add some interpretive English language, stir and what potent cocktail do you have?

An IT development manager is a person with the responsibility as leader, that is a manager whose role is to change the existing information technology system within an organization to serve the organizations goals using effective and cost efficient methods.

Duties & responsibilities of this role

So now we have a brief understanding of WHY an IT Development Manager is there, let us examine WHAT an IT Development manager is actually required to do by examining job advertisements relating to the role of IT Development manager.

  • "Manage and promote relationships with key stakeholders; including clients; 3rd-party vendors and other groups within the organisation". (Cracker, 2007) This key descriptive point is supported by other job advertisements which include from Sirius Technology for an IT Development manager found in, also Finite Recruitment solutions searching for an IT Development manager- Financial Services on Examples of key stakeholders would include the management of an organization and perhaps the shareholders who own the organization, clients and customers as mentioned, and also 3rd party vendors, these are organizations/people who are indirectly effected by the IT development mangers roles and responsibility such as investment companies which may have an interest in the results the IT Development manager can achieve. This is best summarized from an extraction from an IT Development manager advertised on an online job site based in the UK which says "This role will involve people management including coaching, mentoring and developing, project management and liaison with internal and external customers." (, 2007)

This is further supported by Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor which describes how information system managers must possess strong interpersonal, communication, and leadership skills because they are required to interact not only with their staff, but also with other internal and external parties. In combination with team skills "to work on group projects and other collaborative efforts information systems managers increasingly interact with persons outside their organizations, reflecting their emerging role as vital parts of their firms' executive teams." (Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, 2007)

  • Ensure business solutions are 'fit for purpose' An IT Development manager's role includes satisfying the specific goals of a particular organization. These goals differ from one organization to another such as on from Sirius Technology for an IT Development manager will differ from another advertisement from from Cyberspace Limited which requires an Equity IT Development manager, in contrast to another advertisement from also includes an IT Development Manager- Financial Services. These advertisements are all listed when a search was placed to find and IT Development manager and all serve to achieve the same purpose although specific direction is emphasized which will lead the IT Development manager in the right direction to satisfy the different organizational goals.

It is important to stay within the boundary of the organizations goals to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.

  • "Develop and deliver solutions according to the approved works programme with adherence to time, cost, regulatory and quality parameters." (, 2007) Noting that a manager is a person who manages an organization or business, it is therefore esstential that the manager is satisfying the goals set out by the organisation in an effecient and cost effective manner. This resposibility includes to "ensure risk management practices and compliance processes are embedded across all applications" (, 2007) This is furthur supported by "ensuring the deployment and alignment of works undertaken by the development team is in line with business Application / Enterprise Architectures, standards, methods and practices." (, 2007)
  • Be responsible for product maintenance and management. As described by Bogue 2007, an IT development management role works closely with the project manager to ensure that the projects (products) are completed by spending time working with the business owners on planning and preparing for new projects . An IT development manager constantly makes changes to get a better product, develop better skills within the group, or just generally preparing the information technology team for the next project or product development.
  •  "Remain abreast of technology and provide technology thought leadership, which is embodied in the IT strategy and architecture." (Cracker, 2007), (, 2007) by proactively work with business, stakeholders and clients to identify opportunities for technology improvements leading to business efficiency gains and effectiveness. This serves to "strengthen the formulation of appropriate technical solutions with improved speed to market, operational robustness, scalability and alignment with the agreed business objectives." (, 2007) This is supported by a job advertisment which states the IT development manager is to "identify and meet the present and future technological needs of the organization; manage information technology improvement projects; administer and coordinate annual updates to an enterprise Computer Services Master Plan (strategic plan)" (, 2007) As described by Bogue 2007, Development managers are becoming more of a part of the business management in order understand better the organization and the industry. As technologies become more advanced and the oportunities become greater it is necessary for the executive management to have a liaison between the business and the technology to help them understand what is possible which is where an IT Development manager can help.
  • "Assist the IT Manager in building a culture of high performance, pro-activity, business co-operation, continuous improvement and service delivery. Implement organisational change from initiatives identified in the Culture Plan."(, 2007) This provides an undersatnding as to the scope of the envolvement an IT Development manager has within an organisation. "They help determine both technical and business goals in consultation with top management and make detailed plans for the accomplishment of these goals. For example, working with their staff, they may develop the overall concepts and requirements of a new product or service, or may identify how an organization's computing capabilities can effectively aid project management." (Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, 2007)
  • "Manage and provide leadership to a group of IT Professionals, including Developers, Business Analysts, DBAs and Configuration Analysts." (Cracker, 2007). complements the this advertisment by stating in its own for an IT Development manager as a person who is "Responsible and accountable for the management, supervision and coordination for all programs, services and activities of the Information Technology Division" (, 2007)
  • "Train and develop team member capability to improve skills and performance." (Cracker, 2007), (, 2007)
  • "Work with the IT Manager, to determine, track and manage IT budgets." (, 2007)
  • "In addition to responding effectively to the day to day technical challenges, your role will also be consultative in order to adhere and promote adoption and use of company standards and processes." (, 2007)

Job requirements

To be considered for the role of IT Development Manager's, applicants should possess the following experience and skills: 

  • Tertiary Qualifications
    • "Degree in Computer Science or related area" (Yahoo HotJobs, 2007) (, 2007)
    • "Requires a Bachelor's degree in Information Systems, Computer Science, Business Administration or a related field; Master's degree preferred." (
    • "A bachelor's degree usually is required for management positions, although employers often prefer a graduate degree, especially an MBA with technology as a core component." (Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, 2007)
  • Previous Experience
    • "Many computer and information systems managers have experience in a computer occupation such as systems analyst; other managers may have worked as a computer support specialist, programmer, or other information technology professional"(Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, 2007)
    • "Experience in leading and/or managing multi-site development teams across concurrent projects to successful results." (, 2007)
    • "Extensive experience in complex computer systems specification and development, including Programming Languages" (, 2007)
    • "Demonstrated track record for solution delivery and cost reduction" (Yahoo HotJobs, 2007)
    • "4+ years experience leading and coaching IT personnel" (Yahoo HotJobs, 2007)
    • "4+ years experience managing project schedules and budgets" (Yahoo HotJobs, 2007)
    • "10+ years experience in IT development or related field." ( 
    • "Ten years of progressively responsible professional experience with medium to large sized organizational (local government preferred) in the operation and maintenance of computer hardware and software systems, development and analysis of information systems and applications and delivery of end user services and products.Advanced software development skills."(, 2007)
    • "Five years of experience in IT staff supervision and five years of applications development experience, preferably in internet/intranet applications." (, 2007)
    • "have experience with the specific software or technology used on the job, as well as a background in either consulting or business management." (Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, 2007)
    • "Must have worked with a large development team" (, 2007)
    • "Minimum of 7-10 years experience working as an IT Applications Manager or IT Development Manager in such capacity managing a minimum of 60 to 80 people."(, 2007)
    • "Previous leadership role within the Applications Development area of a financial services organisation." (, 2007)
    • "Previous experience with project management methodologies." (, 2007)
    • "10 years of commercial IT experience, preferably from an applications perspective."(, 2007)
    • "At least 5 years experience in people management and technical leadership." (, 2007)
    • "Previous demonstrable experience in leadership positions within applications development environments." (, 2007)
    • "Demonstrable experience in financial services organisations" (, 2007)
    • "A minimum 10 years commercial experience, preferably within applications support or development."
    • "A min 5 years experience leading teams of developers" (, 2007)
      (, 2007)
  • Generic Skills
    • "The development manager also is often the cheerleader that pumps up the development team" (Bogue, 2007)
    • "Development managers are responsible for developing the group. That means a firm understanding of how to develop people in the organization. The development manager may be familiar with one or more than a dozen approaches to developing the careers of the people that work for him (or her)." (Bogue 2007)
    • "Strong communication, problem solving and documentation skills."(, 2007)
    • "Ability to develop and maintain effective relationships, credibility and personal networks between the technology development function and business units." (, 2007)
    • "Ability to negotiate and manage systems development scope and changes in the context of the business environment" (, 2007)
    • "A good understanding of working with the business to align IT solutions with business needs " (, 2007)
    • "Excellent Interpersonal and communication skills and ability to relate well with all levels of staff and management as well as stakeholders." (, 2007)
    • "Excellent analytical, problem solving, consulting and coaching skills." (, 2007)
    • "Excellent communication skills" (Yahoo HotJobs, 2007)
    • "Ability to develop and maintain effective relationships, credibility and personal networks between the IT and Business units of the organisation." (, 2007)
    • "Excellent customer service skills" (, 2007)
    • Australian Residency (However, this is not always specified as a mandatory requirement - some organisations will accept a current work visa)
    • Strong negotiation skills
    • Team management skills


IT Development Manager

Up to $150,000 package (, 2007) with an average of around $83,000

Source: Australian Job Search- IT Development Manager

Computing and IT

Key Indicator


How many workers are employed in this occupation?



What is the mix of full-time (FT) and part-time (PT) jobs?

92.0% FT 8.0% PT


How much do full-time workers earn on average (before tax)?

$1250 per week


How does unemployment compare with other occupations?

below average


Long-term employment growth - 10 years (to February 2007)

4.5% a year


Medium-term employment growth - 5 years (to February 2007)

-0.2% a year


Short-term employment growth - 2 years (to February 2007)

4.4% a year


What is the likely future employment growth (to 2011-12)?

strong growth ++


Is the occupation employed mainly in growth industries?



Job openings from turnover - how many (%) leave the occupation each year?



Vacancies - does the occupation have a high vacancy level?







Property and Business services: 46.7% compared to 12.1% of all other occupations
Finanace and Insurance: 11.5% compared to 3.8% of all other occupations
Government Administration and Defence:7.7% compared to 4.7% of all other occupations
Communication Services: 6.8% compared to 1.8% of all other occupations
Manufacturing: 5.9% compared to 10.5% of all other occupations

The above statistics show "for this occupation, the industries (up to five) with the largest share of employment, compared with the share for all occupations. The industries are based on the Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC). Source: ABS Labour Force Survey, Australia - average 2006."

The job of IT Development Manager is in the Information Technology (IT) industry. IT, as defined by the Information Technology Association of America (ITAA), is "the study, design, development, implementation, support or management of computer-based information systems, particularly software applications and computer hardware.¿ In short, IT is the use of computers to manage information to enable and assist human activities.

The most common outlet for IT is in the business sector; which has now integrated computers into almost every facet of the business process - from cataloguing in a retail store all the way up to systems programming for telecommunications.
The role of IT Development Manager can be found across many differing industries and organisations as every industry and organisation will possess various levels of IT infrastructure through which they conduct their business.  This infrastructure will require an IT Development Manager to ensure their systems are fit for purpose, are up to date with current technology and can deliver solutions and solve problems while conforming to the interests of key stakeholders, both internal and external (Yahoo HotJobs, 2007).

Job listings

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Link to Job Ad

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Link to Yahoo HotJobs Job Ad

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Link to Cracker Classifieds Job Ad

Differences observed

While all of the job advertisements retain a certain commonality in their requirements and duties (especially with regard to interpersonal skills, leadership experience and industry experience) This is supported by searching the Australian Government website job search, II development manager, IT Business analyst and IT trainer are all classified under the same ocupational catergory of computing and IT yet it is the ocupation that differs. There are variations in the balance of the Information Technology/Systems and Personnel/Project Management components of the position. For example, the position listed on has a strong focus on leadership, personnel management and stakeholder involvement, while the positions listed on and Yahoo HotJobs place a higher emphasis on the information technology (i.e software development and coding) aspects of the position.

There are also variations in experience required but as stated above the main difference observed is between some postitions focusing on team management while others have a greater focus on general IT skills. This is eveident in the postings made available on IT programmer on the UC jobs registry which places a greater emphasis on technical skills such as engineering and the wage rate for an IT development manager is higher than that of an IT programer.

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