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Bienvenido! \:-)                                                           

(*b)Welcome to El Club Hispano!(red star)

We are a Spanish Club from the University of Canberra in Australia and are dedicated to bringing Spanish culture to the University of Canberra Community.

Please feel free to join and post any comments you may have on our discussion board. All comments are appreciated!(tongue)

(i)If you are having difficulty with the website (I am still trying to figure it all out), on the left hand side click on 'Browse Space', then click on 'Pages' and either 'recently updated' or 'tree' and it should be relatively easy to find all the pages. I have put most of the pages of this Home page. At the moment, comments and ideas are most important, so please post as many comments as you like.

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  1. Mar 06, 2007

    Please use the Children pages to post comments under the relevant discussion topic. Gracias chicos!