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This is the home page for the Graphic Design Technology 1.2 space.

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  1. Jul 02, 2007

    Hi All

    Welcome to Graphic Design Technology 1.2

     I have created this space to trial it as a replacement to WebCT. I will be posting messages, notes etc on this site throughout the semester. You are also able to send messages to the other students enrolled in this unit, it may be a great image you want to discuss, problems you are having with your project or even helpful tips and tricks or usefule websites you find throughout the semester. I will use this forum as a way of getting group messages to you with attachments etc.

    I urge you to frequently check out the site as I believe it could be a valuable tool that aids your learning.

    I will be posting the unit outline here for an easy reference for you, and notes from lectures or tutorials that you may require throughout the semester.

    Good Luck and I hope that the semester goes well for you all.


  2. Jul 15, 2007


    Just a short howdy from the team who will be presenting the tutes and lectures for Graphic Design Technology 1.2.

    John Carey and Lizzie Grant will be taking a few tutorials, I will be running the lecture series as well as a single tute.

    We will all be there during the week 1 Lecture.

    If you have any queries regarding information covered in the lectures - do not hesitate to email me on:
    If you have any specific queries regarding the unit itself, please contact Anita Fitton as she is coordinator of the unit.

    During each of the week 1 tutes, your tutor will give you their contact details if you need to ask questions regarding the tutorial content/exercises.

    We are looking forward to working with this semester, and hope it is a great foundation for your ongoing adventures into design technology.

    See you soon - Philippa Hays

  3. Jul 16, 2007


    Have just attached a design tournament website which you should check out. Please also check out as this will help you with tips and tricks on designing magazines. I hope you are all a enthusiastic about the up and coming semester.

    Also throughout the semester I am organising a series of lunchtime lectures during the wednesday class free period from 12.30 to 2.30 in 12B50, (your lecture room), on the 24th July Adrew Ashton will be speaking keep checking out this space for further information.

    Cheers Anita

  4. Jul 16, 2007


    another interesting website, a great illustrator

  5. Jul 16, 2007

    Hi All

    another useful website

  6. Jul 18, 2007

    I was sent this by another student thought you might like to play this design game.

  7. Jul 29, 2007

    Hi All

    Couple of stdents have posted files. Please be careful with the file name. The convention is as follows. If it is an Illlustrator file the convention is .ai if it is a photoshop file it is .psd, if it is a pdf, .pdf should follow the name of the file and etc. This is really important especially when giving other people the files as they will then know what program to open them with if they have trouble.

    Also when posting item on this site can you please give them a name and why you are posting them. Simple stuff, but there are two items posted and I have no idea why and they are listed anonymous so can not reply. Please all note that this site is only for students enrolled and it is all right to ask for help.

    Kind regards

  8. Aug 01, 2007


    Answer to some student queries.
    Student Queries:

    Is the Graphic Design magazine project:
    'Good Weekend' - from the Sydney Morning Herald, or
    'Weekender' - from The Australian?
    The Australian

    Some ID students wanted to know does the 3 product renderings refer to three different products - OR can it be three perspectives of the one product?
    Preferrably 2 different products and one can be the same but from a different perspective.

    Can the Industrial Design Masthead be anything? Or should it follow an existing magazine?
    Some thing relevant to their prodcut.

    This might be a red herring?:
    A GD student brought to John's tute, what he thinks was the GD1.2 Handbook (orange cover), in it was information about a magazine project, inwhich the cover would be designed around 5 themes?? Not sure ANita - John was not certain either? Just ignore?
    They will be doing a series of illustrations using different illustration techniques, one of the techniques they use will be an illustrator illustration.

    Hope this helps.

    I have also had feedback regarding the Classroom in a book to be replaced for the indesign exercises. No item of the unit outline can be changed without a majority agreeing and this must be done in the lecture time. Phillipa can you please organise this for Week 4 lecture as I will have to let the book shop know so they can order them in for the students.

    Kind regards

  9. Aug 08, 2007


    As all the current tutorials are full, Anita has opened an additional tutorial.

    The time is:

    Wednesday 4.30pm - 6.30pm
    in 10A24

    If you are finding your tutorial is too full - I would recommend checking out this new tutorial time.

    (smile) Philippa

  10. Aug 08, 2007


    Basic notes as well as illustrator samples shown in this weeks Lecture (week 4) has been loaded into the 'Attachment' area of UCSPACE

    Due to the fact that all the tutorials are currently full, ANita has opened up an additional tutorial on:

    Wednesdays 4.30 - 6.30pm
    in 10A24.

    If you are looking for a tutorial space - I would try this tutorial class starting in Week 5.

    All of you should have sourced your magazine masthead by now and making time to recreate it in illustrator - both in your tutorial and in your own time.

    Remember that in next weeks tutorial you will be submitting your initial sketches/ideas for your cover to your tutor for approval before starting on your illustration. Once you have had your sketch approved by your tutor during the interim submission you are free to scan it in and use it to trace within illustrator.

    Remember that your ENTIRE cover is to be created in Illustrator. You are not permitted to use any other software programs in the creation of the cover imagery/renderings.

    For your cover design, make sure to follow the provided brief as outlined in your GD1.2 handbook.
    See your GDT1.2 MAg Cover Project 2, as a dry run in formalising your ideas and concepts for your handin in Graphic Design 1.2. Be aware that the final cover your create with GDT1.2 will be reviewed, reworked or recreated in your GD1.2 classes.

    Your cover for GDT1.2 will be based upon an original sketch - not found images/photographs. Once you have had your sketch approved by your tutor during the interim submission you are free to scan it in and use it to trace within illustrator.

    Your cover for GDT1.2 will be based upon a minimum of two products you have rendered by hand - not found images/photographs. The products you chose to render can be original (of your own creation) or an existing product.

    Once you have had your sketch approved by your tutor during the interim submission you are free to scan it in and use it to trace within illustrator.

    During the Week 5 Lecture I will be covering the various items you need to include in your final illustrator mag cover digital file.

    (smile) PHilippa Hays

  11. Aug 14, 2007

    just needing to know some information for the magazine cover. our three tag lines dont all need to relate to the images on the front do they if one relates to the image the other two could relate to article in the magazine could they not.

  12. Aug 15, 2007

    Hi Tim,

    As per your query above, only one tag line needs to relate to the cover image directly. The other two can relate to the proposed contents of the magazine.

    (smile) Philippa

  13. Aug 15, 2007

    Hi All,

    Answers to a few students questions as asked in Week 5:


    Your document size should be the same as the 'Australian Weekend' - NOT A4, A5 or A3.



    A few students have asked clarification re the cover illustration for your GD project brief (which obviously impacts upon your GDT1.2 handin).

    Based upon the given brief and confirmation with Dawn Porrit, your lecturer in this subject, your illustration needs to:

    " produced using the Illustrator programme in the 'style of' a handmaking technique".

    This means your illustration needs to resemble imagery created using handmaking techniques - eg. screen print, cut paper, stamping, watercolour, wood cut..

    IN GDT1.2 we are only assessing your TECHNICAL ABILITY- NOT YOUR CONCEPT OR the success of the handmaking technique you chose to replicate within Illustrator. These aspects will be worked on on during your GD classes.

    When replicating hand techniques using Illustrator (such as watercolour, wood cut,etc that might use a transparent ink/dye - the 'MULTIPLY' blending mode in the 'Transparency' palette is ideal as it replicates how the colours would mix if they were transparent (For example if you placed a yellow object over a blue object and apply the 'MULTIPLY' blending mode - you will get a green in the areas that overlap).



    ID students can use exisiting products (and photographs of them) as the basis for their sketches/thumbnails.

    But you are also most welcome to create and sketch by hand your own original products if you wish.

    Within the Illustrator digital file - we will need to see your sketch of the cover including the products you have rendered/sketched by hand. You cannot scan and place in Illustrator a photograph to trace from.



    ANy found image can be used as a basis for your front cover sketch/thumbnail (make sure to reference it appropriately).

    NOTE: I know for some this might be a tad restrictive, however I have one provisio in the seleciton of cover imagery:
    > Please no crude or explicit images that may degrade the value of either men or women - Thank you! (as I have to mark these handins with other tutors, I don't really appreciate them, and know you can find a better option in terms of imagery).
    This might impact upon the type of magazine you choose - however I know there are a great deal of other options out there! Think out of the box.

    I know for some, you may be thinking why does Philippa have to make a point of this?? Just thought it would be good to clarify as a few students have asked about the types of images that can be used in this project and if there were any restrictions..


    Hope this helps!!

    (smile) PHilippa Hays

  14. Aug 21, 2007


    Hi All,

    As discussed, I have placed the notes from this weeks lecture on UCSPACE under 'attachments'. Enjoy.



    Remember that a comprehensive checklist of all you need to include in your Project 2 handin has been provided in both the week 5 and week 6 lecture notes.



    Just to clarify if my lecture this week was unclear - for your Project 2 handin you will providing a LAYERED ILLUSTRATOR (.ai) file.



    PROJECT 2 HANDIN (as per the handbook):

    Final Submission: Friday Week 7
    Electronic version to be supplied.

    Burn your file to a CD (please also label your CD with your name,ID and GDT1.2).

    You must clearly label your file using the following convention.
    ID number followed by your surname then .ai



    We strongly recommend if you are part of a full tutorial to move to the new GDT1.2 tutorial on:

    Wednesdays 4.30 - 6.30pm
    in 10A24.

    There is plenty of room in this tute and therefore more time with the tutor if you need any help.



    LATE SUBMISSION OF PROJECTS (as per the handbook)

    Late work will NOT be assessed unless a medical or other appropriate certificate accompanies it. This reflects industry practice - in the Graphic Design industry a deadline is a deadline. Medical certificates and counselling notes are accepted for extensions and are only valid for the period of time specified. These need to be discussed with the Unit Convener. Late submissions should be submitted to the Unit Convener or our Administrative Officer, in 7C39. Hand-ins to the Administrative Officer can only be submitted in accordance with times specified on 7C39. These submissions will be recorded.


    (smile) Philippa Hays

  15. Aug 26, 2007

    Hi Philippa,

    Just wondering how we connect two path together again? I know it has something to do with average and join but I can't remember the exact steps.

    I'll ask you tomorrow in our Lecture if I don't get a reply tonight.


    Lauren Casey (tongue)  

  16. Aug 27, 2007

    hey Philippa,

    you mentioned today in your lecture that if we have CS2 we have to export as legacy? i cant find it anywhere?


  17. Aug 27, 2007

    I noticed that too.  But I think that you can use the "Save As" feature to create an Illustrator CS file. 

    If you go to File > Save As and save your file with whatever you want to call it, click Save As and a new dialogue box will appear.  In the Version Selection there are a whole bunch of illustrator versions you can choose to save as.  I'm assuming to save as Illustrator CS (because its the version in the computer labs). 

    Hope that works. 

  18. Aug 28, 2007

    hi Philippa,

    Graphic Design students have been told two different document sizes for their magazines.

    1. Wednesday, August 15. an Email titled 'GDT1.2 - answer to some Project 2 student queries' says "DOCUMENT SIZE - GD STUDENTS should be the same as the Australian Weekend"

    2. On UC Space Aug 27 the attachement 'Project 2 Handin info wk 7' says GD students documents size should be A4.

    I'm confused which size is it????????? 

  19. Aug 28, 2007

    Hi Philippa,

    I have used the clipping mask to make all of the objects to be included in a rectangle.
    However,after applying it,all layers are then become one layer and they cannot be read separately.
    So I wonder how could I solve the problem.



  20. Sep 10, 2007

    Hi Philippa, i was just wondering what exercise we have to do out of the Adobe Illustratoe Book? as i would like to get a head start on it as i know its going to take me a while!



  21. Sep 20, 2007

    Collect first semester work from outside office 7C37 (Bob Miller) and posters from Photography studio copy room located beside studio where lockers are.

    Please collect soon otherwise the work will go into the recycling bin
    Bob Miller

  22. Oct 04, 2007

    hi philippa,

    In regards to InDesign lesson 11 CS2, what would you like us to print out? It just seems pointless to print out the full 42 pages especially when most of it doesnt really show what we've acheived. (wink)



  23. Oct 17, 2007

    So what work do we have to have done for this weeks tute?