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This is the open web page for the unit 3D Animation, which runs in semester 2 each year at the University of Canberra, Australia.

The unit covers the basic principles of creating still and moving images using the excellent open source software Blender, and also invites students to develop a critical appraisal of open source software, community-supported production and the function of 3D in contemporary visual culture.

The main web site for the unit is on the university's LMS "LearnOnline", which is based on Moodle. Unfortunately, it's not currently possible to open LearnOnline sites to the public, so this site provides access to course materials that you normally would not be able to get at.

The lecturer is Dr Sam Hinton.

Key resources:

  • Blender - this is a link to the web site for Blender, the 3D program we'll be using this semester.
  • Frequently asked questions - questions about Blender asked by students (and answers to them!)

University of Canberra students enrolled in 3D Animation should make sure they use the LearnOnline site, as it contains important information to things like your grades, the unit outline and unit discussion forums.

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  1. Mar 30, 2008

    Hi Sam, You may be interested in Blender (Wikiversity).

    1. Mar 31, 2008

      Thanks James, that's great. Blender has been good to work with so far - hoping that we (the class) can give something back to the Blender community through this unit.

  2. May 01, 2008

    You may be interested to run the following code at the bottom of this page: