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This is the home page for the 'FIRST 2007- a creative anthology' space.

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  1. Mar 16, 2007

    Hi all and welcome to FIRST's space where we can discuss, chat, blog or whatever takes your fancy.

    Latest: a schedule is in place for the production of the publication and all it's inherent processes.

    Fliers have been created and will be plastered all over campus.

    Brief presentations will be held in writing/lit lectures to announce the call for submissions.

    A notice will go out via the Student Bulletin (hopefully today) to all UC students, calling for submissions.

    A link has been added to the FIRST webpage giving details on how to submit.

    A chalking campaign will happen soon to draw people's attention to the publication and call for submissions. 

    Advertising space is available in the book, and potential candidates are being approached.

    So all of you writers and graphic artists out there, get creative!

    And just to make sure you've got all you need to submit work, here are the basic details:The deadline for submissions, both hard copy and email, is Thursday 5th April. 
    Visit for details on how to submit.
    Contact: Francesca Rendle-Short  ph: 6201 2060
    Hardcopy: Box 24, Bldg 9C
    Write o', it's time to get writing......



  2. Apr 04, 2007

    Last call for submissions for FIRST:2007


    FIRST : : 2007

    Submissions wanted now

    FIRST?  An anthology of creative writing by the students at The University of Canberra

    WHO?   All University of Canberra students are eligible to submit work to FIRST

    WHAT?  You can submit:

    o    original creative work
    o    unpublished elsewhere
    o    fiction and creative non-fiction
    o    prose (absolute maximum word limit 1500)
    o    poetry
    o    sequential art /comics / graphic short stories / visuals
    o    short film / theatre / radio scripts (maximum length 7 minutes)

    HOW?    Each submission must:

    o    be spell-checked and proofread
    o    double spaced
    o    include a cover sheet with each submission (you can submit more than one)
    o    cover sheet must include title and word count AND YOUR NAME, PHONE, EMAIL ADDRESS
    NOTE: AUTHOR'S NAME MUST NOT APPEAR ON THE ACTUAL SUBMISSION, ONLY ON THE COVER SHEET (all submissions are read 'blind': so we don't know who's written what)

    WHERE?  All work must be submitted (submissions will not be returned):

    o    in HARD COPY to Francesca Rendle-Short Building 9, Level C, Box 24 AND  
    o    ELECTRONICALLY via email to

    WHEN?  All work must be submitted by Thursday 5 April 2007 (end Week 7, the day before Easter)

  3. Apr 27, 2007

    The submissions deadline has passed, thanks to all the many contributors.

    The editorial team are now in the process of reading all the submissions.